Sunday, August 4, 2013

Vyctor Sunglasses Steampunk

I've just gotten back the first of the metal prototype parts for the collar bars and Cravat bar from my last post and I'll be posting those in progress shortly. While that was underway, I've been designing the glasses for my main character Vyctor. I wanted them to be fully functional as I intend to also prototype these for myself.

The temple angle, lens width, ear hook location and nose pads are all functionally adjustable. There's also two small wire bales at the outside of each lens rim for attaching the tooled leather side screens I'm also making. Very practical and I like the way the function gives the glasses the look I wanted.  The miniature thumbscrews at the brow adjustment and the star cinch at the temple are details that dish up the working aesthetic I like. Too often I see glued on gears and no function and that's nice for a collage approach but not what I want from my art and design. I especially wanted these to be nicely industrial, so they are masculine, with a touch of victorian brass work.

I'm researching some of the high detail metal rapid prototyping processes to get the fine detail in the design without the typical striping. I've found some that do medical equipment prototypes using laser sintering and it's remarkable. We'll have to see what the price is...

I've sent these out to a few friends to look at and already have requests for purchasing some pairs.
Now all I have to do is source the flat (authentically victorian with no curvature) precision ground polarized lenses.

Because the design allows for the lower half of the rim pivots down once you open the capture screw on the outside, I can, in theory, have interchangeable lenses (mirrored lenses, dark lenses, clear lenses).

Vyctor Steampunk Sunglass design front view
Vyctor Steampunk Sunglass design side view


  1. Awesome!
    I would love a pair (two set of lenses, clear and as dark as inhumanly possible).
    Please post if these ever become commercial

  2. I really love steam punk the gadgets n gizmos are awesome,
    But them sunglasses are unbelievable where can I if possible
    buy a pair.....

  3. What is this !!! I have never seen such type of sunglasses. Is it very costly? Read More

  4. HI All
    there's been quite a lot of interest in purchasing the concept design for the Vyctor sunglasses. I'm presently exploring getting them manufactured in limited quantities as artisan glasses. I'll post the process and as soon as they are available. Cheers, Kevin

  5. These are stunning. If you do get to produce them I would be VERY interested in purchasing a pair. Along with clear/dark lenses.


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