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On this page you will find a posting of small sampling of some of my non-steampunk artwork and development.  I create and develop properties for a living and work hard to be able to move my artistic style around to fit the needs of the property or story I'm working on. That being said, "hand" will always come through. I'm not putting much of the large amount of children's work I do in here as most of that is under non-disclosure.  I hope you enjoy the peek at the work.
Cheers, Kevin Mowrer


  1. What a beautiful blog you have, Mr. Mower. Greatly enjoyed browsing through it. Keep up the good work & I look forward to more.

    ₵. Ð.

  2. Thank you sir! I am a fan of your site as well and visit there frequently!

  3. Hi Mr. Mowrer, one of the creators from Dragon Booster told me you created the character "Beau". I'm a huge fan of the show and have had the wonder of his design since I was little, but I'm in college now and wanted to know more about how you came up with him... Your work is amazing and I really enjoyed browsing through it. :)

  4. I've always loved Dragons and what they have represented throughout time and cultures to human mythology. They are our unbridled power, our fear, luck, portents and more. Beau, in Dragon Booster, was imagined and created to be Artha's potential even though he had trouble accepting it at first. Beau is the metaphor for Artha's journey to become a man and a hero.

    Most other properties start with flying dragons and I wanted to break that mold and stay away from wings. by making them runners it forces the rider/dragon pairs to deal more directly with their challenges. Who doesn't love a great high-speed chase scene!

    Beau's design took quite a while to get right and I didn't do it alone. I was working with a talented team, like most entertainment creators, to direct finding that right mixture of nobility, expression and wildness.

  5. PS - I noticed your comment about "one of the creators of Dragon Booster." I was the original creator of Dragon Booster. Digital Assets Group was brought into the art process to help with development of the look and feel of the property and then Rob Travalino joined my company, the Story Hat, and did a lot of writing on the show and property. I just like to keep these things chronologically correct. Technically, only myself and Rob are considered the creators though many talented folks worked on the project and added a lot of creativity and talent.


    Dragon Booster for ever! Hello from a devoted fan. :)


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