Saturday, July 2, 2016

First Ride of the Gyrostator

Hello Friends
Just completed the illustration of Vyctor's first explosive ride on the Gyrostator he invents. To keep things away from prying eyes, he's located this project in the long abandoned carriage house of the L'cole he is attending. Upon firing it up, its power was more than he anticipated and he bursts from the doors into the night roaring down into the sleeping town of Travaille.
First Ride of the Gyrostator painting
I also wanted to play a lot with glow, mist and wet brick and rock. Here's a closer shot of those elements.
Detail of mist and gyrostator

I had a lot of fun painting this on many levels. It involved some pre-modeling of some of the elements in 3D as a quick underlay guide and then lots and lots of layered painting into it. I've always been a huge fan of the work of john Atkinson Grimshaw and his ability to paint those haunted night skies and wanted to have that kind of atmosphere in this painting.
John Atkinson Grimshaw (inspiration)

Cheers, Kevin

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Dread Capitan! Steampunk pistol for the Discerning Scoundrel!

Hello All
The newest addition to the coming release of the Pistols from Vyctor's Lab is "The Dread Capitan!"
With its double barrels of muzzle loaded, fire breathing, punch, and it's extendable mini-saber blade, The Dread Capitan is the stylish weapon of choice for a scandalous night of glamorous ill-intent for any scoundrel or scalawag.
Steampunk pistol The Dread Capitan 1

The double trigger finger guard features some pointy bits for leaving a lasting impression in close quarters cudgel fun. An optional smooth guard will be offered soon as well.
Steampunk pistol The Dread Capitan 2

When boarding other airships, hijacking cargo, kidnapping a royal (who will clearly fall in love with your scoundrellous self) or suppressing a mutiny, blasting invariably turns to fencing. The Dread Capitan is ready for the switch without changing weapons with an extendable mini-saber!
Steampunk pistol The Dread Capitan 3

The oriental long-handle sports a protective pommel-basket for when the mini-balls have all been shot and you find yourself in a saber duel.
Steampunk pistol The Dread Capitan 4

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Completed Steampunk Juris Mortis pistol

The latest of the pistol designs for Vyctor's lab on has just been completed in the design phase. Moving on to the engineering phase from here but I wanted to share the fun with you before we go live with the beta.
The name of this pistol is:

 The Juris Mortis
A precision long-pistol for the discerning shootist

Ordinance: A range of cartridge ammunition from electro stun tips to tranquilizer capsules, curare pellets and even Egyptian mummified madness beetles.

Steampunk Juris Mortis Pistol at Vyctor's lab

As with all the steampunk pea shooters being designed for Vyctor's lab, each of the five sections of this pistol can be mixed and matched with any of the other parts from other pistols to make a completely unique design of your own. 

Steampunk Juris Mortis Pistol view of should stock

Steampunk Juris Mortis pistol view of barrel and cartridge
The bolt action actually allows you to advance the curved cartridge down and up.

Steampunk Juris Mortis pistol view of trigger and bolt action
And the ornate should stock pad is full adjustable and lockable for individual fit.

Steampunk Juris Mortis pistol view of stock adjustment feature

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Steampunk Raygun...ITS ALIVE!!

We've just gotten the first 100% one-of-a-kind custom Steampunk Raygun out of the end of the production process for maykrlab's steampunk offering "Vyctor's Lab." I'm very excited about the quality of all the parts and the level of subtlety and detail that's been achieved.
It's amazing to think that this blaster is truly unique and that every person who goes into maykrlab will make something else completely different based on what they design. This is the most fun I've personally had in years as a maker and creator!!

Enjoy and I'll post more as things progress.
Cheers, Kevin

Vyctor's Lab Steampunk Raygun 1

Vyctor's Lab Steampunk Raygun 2

Vyctor's Lab Steampunk Raygun 3

Monday, February 16, 2015

Refined Steampunk Raygun for Vyctor's lab

Hello All
The final ray-gun parts are now completed and on their way to the programmers for Vyctor's lab. We're also printing these parts since they are so detailed and intricate, they'll be such a showpiece for what the program and backend 3D printing system can do for delivering real quality. Can't wait to have those in hand to share with you.

You'll notice that the ray-gun combines the brass knuckle grip from an earlier post, with the gas cylinder main frame and other parts. That's the whole point of the maykrlab system. You can combine and recombine and re-imagine endlessly until you have just what you think is interesting.
We're working to have some very interesting options for choosing colors and finish on the parts as well such as gold, brass, copper, steel, gun-black steel and lots more.

Adding the final details to the barrel on the ray-gun was a lot of fun and an opportunity to really romance some of the mechanical and industrial visuals of the pistol.
For my approach to the aesthetic of steampunk, I like to have the shapes and parts all feel as if they've been designed and created exactly for the purpose they visually perform on the item. I don't just drop in standard bits or parts and I use gears sparingly unless the point is a clockwork visual. Even then, things should look as if they actually work in some fashion.
Hope you enjoy. Cheers, Kevin

Steampunk raygun from Vyctor's lab V1

Steampunk raygun from Vyctor's lab V2

Steampunk raygun from Vyctor's lab V3

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Brass knuckle handle for steampunk pistol generator

Hi everyone
Just completed the latest handle for the pistol generator at Vyctor's lab hosted by maykrlab. At launch, there will be quite a number of choices for all parts and more that will be added as we go. This handle really has a nice "ruffian" quality to it with a brass knuckle style grip/guard and a steel palm pad. Enjoy and more to come on other parts in the next week or so.
Cheers, Kevin

Steampunk pistol with brass knuckle grip from victor's lab

Sunday, February 8, 2015

New components for Steampunk pistols on Vyctor's lab

Hi friends
As promised, I'm posting the new parts that are being developed for "Vyctor's lab" the steampunk pistol generator that will go live at in the next month or so. These new parts options include: The ray blaster barrel, the gas canister mainframe and the Sci-fi handle. Like all the other parts being posted, the online interface will let you combine any of these parts with any of the other parts to your hearts them, share them, and even print them in 3D if you like.
Cheers, Kevin

Steampunk Pistol from Vyctor's lab

Steampunk Pistol from Vyctor's lab interchangeable parts

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Steampunk Pistol 3D printed Prototype parts: It's alive!

Hello friends
The first test parts for one of the steampunk pistols you can make on Vyctor's lab at have come in for inspection. I chose one of the more difficult designs to print because of all the working parts. It's a steampunk hand cannon (the likes of Hellboys pistol) with a wild huge barrel, a transparent chamber (lights to be installed shortly) and high detail grips (soon to come). I am thrilled at the result! Even unpainted, the pistol is exciting.
Steampunk Pistol 3D printed from Vyctor's lab

These parts are engineered to snap together and these first parts did just that. In addition, the main frame of the gun has a pivot lock at the top that also assembled first time and soundly locked and unlocked the frame.
Steampunk Pistol 3D printed parts from Vyctor's lab

Steampunk Pistol with frame lock from Vyctor's lab

There's still a few parts to come in such as the handle grips and the final bit of the rotating chamber (yes it really rotates).
Steampunk Pistol partially assembled from Vyctor's lab

I'll be posting the update once those are in and the prototype moves to painting and final decoration.
cheers, Kevin

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

More Steampistol components for Vyctor's lab at maykrlab

Hi again folks
I've continued working on the componants for the different elements in the steam pistol generator in Vyctor's lab that is soon to be featured on maykrlab. Our best estimate is that the lab is going to go live within the next few months so its important to us to have plenty of rich, well designed parts for you to play with. Each of the main sections of the pistol (barrel, frame, handle, trigger, hammer, chamber) will have at least 5 unique options that can be combined with any choice in any of the other sections.
The latest parts just completed are below.

Vyctor Steampunk pistol with bale handle and clockwork frame

The first is a bale handle that connects directly to the back of any of the frames. It sits higher than the other handles kind of like a miniature gunnery grip. It really changes up the look of any of the other parts.

Vyctor steampunk pistol with canister center frame and trip-barrel

The other two new parts are shown here. The first is the canister center frame. It's really one of the more "out there" center frames with a very sic-fi twist to the steampunk and Vyctor theme. Also seen in this image is the tri-barrel front option as well. These barrels are shorter but have a very muscular look to them.

Stay tuned as I'll be posting the next development parts over the next few weeks right up until we go live.
Cheers, Kevin

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Vyctor's lab at

Hello friends
Over the past year, I've become involved with a very interesting startup called maykrlab. It is a company working on the forefront of consumer created goods. Specifically, maykrlab is a web based site (soon to go live) where maykrs can imagine, design and then make amazing objects using bits and parts from their favorite fantasy worlds.

It works like this. If you are into steampunk (and if you're reading my blog you likely are), you go to maykrlab, sign up as a user, open the steampunk toolkit of parts and mechanisms to create with, and simply begin making choices and putting together your own design using the parts available from guest creators on the site.

I am the first guest creator and the first toolkit will be to create steampunk pistols for collecting, cosplay, larping, display or whatever tickles your fancy. The design elements are pulled from the Aesthetic and world of Frahnknshtyne, the story I've been writing and illustrating on this blog. The toolkit within maykrlab is called Vyctor's lab (named after Vyctor Frahnknshtyne, the inventor hero of my story and world).
Steampunk pistol made from parts in Vyctor's lab

I chose pistols first because most of us into steampunk have had to make due with kit bashing nerf guns and the like to achieve something worthy of good cosplay.
Steampunk double flintlock from Vyctor's lab

maykrlab is definitely next level stuff using a fully engineered system where any choice you make fits with any other choice and many of the bits and bobs actually work! Triggers pull, hammers cock and chambers spin!
Custom steampunk pistol from Vyctor's lab

It's all free to show up and play, save and share and that, in and of itself, is great fantasy grist for illustrations, screen savers and the like.

But that's just the beginning. If you want to hold and use the steam pistol you've created, the system lets you choose materials and the design is 3D printed, one-of-a-kind, to show up at your front door in just a few days!

I'm super excited to be part of this big step in enabling all makers and hope you'll drop in and sign up to stay tuned in to the progress as the maykrlab's first entry into the market, Vyctor's lab, marches towards beta and then full launch.

As always, I'd very much like to hear from all of you to tell me what you're interested in. This is being done for you so help us make it really great.

I'll be posting very regular updates on this blog to keep you up to the minute.

Cheers, Kevin Mowrer