Friday, August 23, 2013

Steampunk Assassin's Medallion Prototype!

Hi All
I just got the parts back from the rapid prototype service for the assassin's medal from the design of the order of the Aether Assassin's. It's like Christmas! I love when prototype parts show up in the mail and they simply snap together just the way you designed them.

I was going to buff out the slight stepping from the metal sintering process but I decided I liked the rougher industrial quality it gives the medallion.

I have designs I'm completing now for the ribbon pins that attach high on the vest collar to suspend this large medallion just over a cravat. I've included a screen shots of that design before I send it out for prototype. Can't wait to get those and assemble the whole thing. the latin on the collar pins reads "only the deserving when there is a life owed." The assassins in the book don't just take jobs for hire. The target person has to be someone deserving of being ended. This sets up an interesting secret organization that has to have a doctrine and must do excruciating sleuthing work to insure they aren't assassinating an innocent.

I used an oil stain on the plastic and it worked quite well to give that aged ivory look to the carved skull.

I'm also working on a design for the cane handle for an aether assassin as well, all from the world of my book.

Having fun bringing it to life as I write.
Cheers to all, Kevin

Steampunk assassin's medallion

Steampunk assassin's medallion

Steampunk assassin medal

Steampunk assassin collar pin

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