Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Colonel

Just for fun and to loosen up I did a digital speed sculpt this morning of this animated character I've had in my head. It's not for Frahnknshtyne but then one must change up the diet once in a while to stay fresh. This character is "The Colonel" also known as Colonel Brumphry T. Trenchman. He's long on stiff upper lip and short on flexibility. He came up through the ranks as a drill sergeant and saved the generals dog one day resulting in a lovely promotion. (I always have to think about story before drawing or sculpting, even when doing it just for fun).
He's been sculpted in zbrush. I love realism but I also love true carricature. I think it forces one to boil out the elements that aren't revealing the characters.
Enjoy and cheers for now, Kevin

Steampunk Colonel Trenchman front view

Steampunk Colonel Trenchman lft 3/4 view

Steampunk Colonel Trenchman left side view

Steampunk Colonel Trenchman rt 3/4 view

Steampunk Colonel Trenchman rt side view

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Steampunk Motorcycle 3D completed!

Here it is. The Gyrostator with all the elements on it. I've added the electricals, the hand brakes, the quilted seat and seat suspension and lots more. The drive is complete as well. Now I want to drive it! I've posted a number of angles on it to get a good sense of the form and details.
Cheers for now, Kevin

Steampunk Motorcycle Gyrostator

Steampunk Motorcycle Gyrostator

Steampunk Motorcycle Gyrostator

Steampunk Motorcycle Gyrostator

Steampunk Motorcycle Gyrostator

Steampunk Motorcycle Gyrostator

Steampunk Motorcycle Gyrostator

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Steampunk Motorcycle in 3D!

I've gotten well down the road on the 3D model of the Gyrostator, the illegal invention that Vyctor creates. In Travaille, invention is carefully metered and controlled to keep the structured society stable and in compliance with the Praetor's grand plan.
Vyctor is rogue inventing at night in secret locations and the Gyrostator is as illegal as it comes. He takes to riding it through the darkened city in the middle of the night and it plays a very interesting role later in the story.
The Gyrostator has a locomotive drive and it weighs nearly a thousand pounds. That makes it very rough on the ankles and legs when it's not moving and Vyctor has to hold it upright.
It also makes it one heckuva battering ram.
There are no lights as the windscreen lenses are powered with an energy that acts a lot like night vision goggles.
The rear drive isn't complete yet as it will receive eccentric drive elements to run the valves and such. Still, I felt it was far enough along to start sharing.
Hope you enjoy. Cheers, Kevin

PS - just posted the completed design. Be sure to visit that post HERE!

Steampunk Motorcycle (Gyrostator)

Steampunk Motorcycle semi-front view

Steampunk Motorcycle front view

Steampunk Motorcycle Frahnknshtyne

Steampunk Motorcycle top view

Steampunk Motorcycle Gyrostator

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Steampunk Aether Rifle on tripod!

Wow! it was quite a wrestling match with my computer to get the final models together in one document and get them rendered off but it's finally done. Here's the images showing all the details. I'm planning on making this into a poster for mounting over mantles like it is a real rifle. I've also gotten a number of inquiries about duplicates of the quarter scale model when it's done. Drop me a line of you have any interest and I'll look into the economics of it.  I'll let you all know when that's done but for now, I hope you enjoy the results so far. more to come.
Cheers, Kevin

Steampunk Aether Rifle Lacette's moment

Friday, November 9, 2012

Steampunk aether rifle tripod

The design for the tripod that supports the immense Aether Assassin Rifle is well underway so I thought I'd share some of the images with you. It has to be built quite sturdy to steady a rifle that is shooting from almost two miles away with lots of ability to adjust it. It's also an artisan item, fully handcrafted and a one of a kind design. Lacette has very strong beliefs and specific rituals she adheres to as she prepares to take a life and that obsessive attention to detail is seen in all the unique tools of her trade as well.
Best, Kevin

Aether rifle tripod

Aether rifle tripod raising mechanism

Aether rifle tripod crank handle

Aether rifle tripod attached plumb bob

Monday, November 5, 2012

Steampunk Aether rifle new stock

It's interesting how sometimes, there's a single detail that makes a design really take on life. I had always intended to add extension to the tips of the butt stock like some of the marvelously decorated moorish flintlocks of the 1800's. I translated the whippet-like extensions into brass hardware and just added them to the design today. I am very excited about the effect it's had on the whole design and gesture. Now it is finding it's steampunk unique identity.
There's still more to go so keep checking back and I'll keep posting as it develops.
Enjoy and cheers, Kevin

Aether rifle side view new stock
Aether rifle gear detail
Aether rifle three quarter view

Aether rifle new stock close up

Aether rifle stock extensions

Aether rifle stock closeup

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Steampunk Aether Rifle Video

I thought I'd add a flyby video of Lacette's Aether Assassin rifle. It's fun to get a sense of just how outrageous a six foot long rifle that can harvest a man's life force from over two miles away is. This is definitely not a handlheld killing tool. It has to be used with either the monopod or the tripod (that is being developed next).
The rounds themselves are fun because once the prongs pierce the skin, the lifeforce of the victim is rapidly drawn off into the round. Then when Lycette arrives, she transfers it into an Aether containment vial for transport and gathers up the round leaving little more than four small holes and a bruise on her victim,
As I had covered in the earlier post showing the development illustration, there is no gunpowder being used here. Once she has sighted you in on the glowing scope, she has your aether signature and pulls the first locking lever near the trigger. Once the trigger is pulled the targets own lifeforce shoots a carrier bolt of energy to the gun and the round rides it to the victim. Just before the round hits the target often swoons and feels dizzy as they are supplying the force of the hit.
Hope you enjoy.  Cheers, Kevin