Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Colonel

Just for fun and to loosen up I did a digital speed sculpt this morning of this animated character I've had in my head. It's not for Frahnknshtyne but then one must change up the diet once in a while to stay fresh. This character is "The Colonel" also known as Colonel Brumphry T. Trenchman. He's long on stiff upper lip and short on flexibility. He came up through the ranks as a drill sergeant and saved the generals dog one day resulting in a lovely promotion. (I always have to think about story before drawing or sculpting, even when doing it just for fun).
He's been sculpted in zbrush. I love realism but I also love true carricature. I think it forces one to boil out the elements that aren't revealing the characters.
Enjoy and cheers for now, Kevin

Steampunk Colonel Trenchman front view

Steampunk Colonel Trenchman lft 3/4 view

Steampunk Colonel Trenchman left side view

Steampunk Colonel Trenchman rt 3/4 view

Steampunk Colonel Trenchman rt side view

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