Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Steampunk Motorcycle in 3D!

I've gotten well down the road on the 3D model of the Gyrostator, the illegal invention that Vyctor creates. In Travaille, invention is carefully metered and controlled to keep the structured society stable and in compliance with the Praetor's grand plan.
Vyctor is rogue inventing at night in secret locations and the Gyrostator is as illegal as it comes. He takes to riding it through the darkened city in the middle of the night and it plays a very interesting role later in the story.
The Gyrostator has a locomotive drive and it weighs nearly a thousand pounds. That makes it very rough on the ankles and legs when it's not moving and Vyctor has to hold it upright.
It also makes it one heckuva battering ram.
There are no lights as the windscreen lenses are powered with an energy that acts a lot like night vision goggles.
The rear drive isn't complete yet as it will receive eccentric drive elements to run the valves and such. Still, I felt it was far enough along to start sharing.
Hope you enjoy. Cheers, Kevin

PS - just posted the completed design. Be sure to visit that post HERE!

Steampunk Motorcycle (Gyrostator)

Steampunk Motorcycle semi-front view

Steampunk Motorcycle front view

Steampunk Motorcycle Frahnknshtyne

Steampunk Motorcycle top view

Steampunk Motorcycle Gyrostator

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