Monday, November 5, 2012

Steampunk Aether rifle new stock

It's interesting how sometimes, there's a single detail that makes a design really take on life. I had always intended to add extension to the tips of the butt stock like some of the marvelously decorated moorish flintlocks of the 1800's. I translated the whippet-like extensions into brass hardware and just added them to the design today. I am very excited about the effect it's had on the whole design and gesture. Now it is finding it's steampunk unique identity.
There's still more to go so keep checking back and I'll keep posting as it develops.
Enjoy and cheers, Kevin

Aether rifle side view new stock
Aether rifle gear detail
Aether rifle three quarter view

Aether rifle new stock close up

Aether rifle stock extensions

Aether rifle stock closeup

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