Monday, July 8, 2013

Making cosplay jewelry for steampunk costume

Hi All
While continuing to work on Frahnknshtyne, I am also working on doing a really custom costume for the steampunk events this coming year. I decided to stay in the visual themes of the world I've been building and use my ability to design and model in 3D to get some of the hard bits rapid prototyped in metal and other materials. For my character I've decided to be a member of the secret society of Aether Assassins. Lacette from my story is one herself.
I've started by designing and modeling both the high collar bars and the cravat bar as well. I've always loved the machine-like decorative quality of military medals so I've used that to inspire me. Here's a few shots of the parts. I'll post the actual pieces once I've gotten them back and gold plated the right parts and assemble them.

Steampunk cravat bar 1
Steampunk cravat bar 2

Steampunk cravat bar 3

Steampunk cravat bar 4

steampunk collar bars

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  1. These are gorgeous, as always. Your talent is breathtaking.


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