Friday, November 26, 2010

Steampunk Boxing fight

Well, it's finally done.  It's our hero, before he dies and becomes the monster, fighting Golath, the enormous boxer who has been doping on "Aether Milk."  He's owned by one of the ultra rich and is supposedly unbeatable but our inventor KO's him with his fighting contraption. Unfortunately for him, there will be consequences.  This is the moment of triumph as the woman he loves and wishes to propose to looks on.  I've put a few of the development stages below for those who like to see the process.
Steampunk fight against Golath

Here's some of the development sketches and a close up.

Steampunk knock out of Golath close up
Rough grey layout

Quick blacks and Greys

Refine Grey scale ready for color


  1. Love it!

    So glad you included the close-up! Where do I buy a ticket to one of these fights!

    -Rocket Pistol

  2. OMG, Kevin! What a fabulous artist you are. I love your vision. I have a new Steampunk~Bookish blog and I'm adding you to my Blog List. Hopefully, more and more people will be looking at your fabulous artwork.

    Your Bookish Steampunk Dame/Deb


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