Sunday, November 7, 2010

Steampunk Aether Rifle ammunition

Nearly done.  Have just added the Aether round for the gun.  It's a devilish ordinance in that it has no gunpowder that propels it.  Once the scope finds you and locks you in it's sight, your very life energy, your Aether, pulls it to you like the negative lightning bolt that flies up to clouds in the nano-second before before it guides the lightning to ground.  The sound of the gun firing is like playing a gunshot in reverse.
Steampunk Aether Assasin's rifle

Steampunk Aether seeking bullet


  1. This is depressingly great.
    Every time I read a new article on your blog I get so depressed because I am absolutely non-gifted when it comes to creating visual art.
    I guess it's OK if I compile some of your latest art in another post on Daily Steampunk?

  2. This is brilliant! I'm writing a steampunk novel and was looking up concepts for aether bullets. You my friend are a genius. I wish I had thought this up firs.t

  3. shut up and take my money!!! this is amasing!!!

  4. so .. how would you feel were someone to elaborately implicate your rifle here.. into a roleplaying character ..bent on balancing of a singular rp chat? In character of course. I'm a novelty writer, of a different kind.. In a sense, I don't write books..but characters.

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