Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Viper Wolf before steampunking

From time to time I go back into older illustrations and add to or rethink them.  This is an image for the skull of a mythical creature called a viper wolf that I never fully completed from several years ago.  The Jaw is articulated like that of a rattlesnake and it hunts using a pit viper's ability to sense heat (since it has no eyes and is completely unsighted).

I'm going to be going back into this older illustration and adding mechanism and detail to it just for fun. I love the idea of an animal experimented on to make it more dangerous for nefarious purposes.  This isn't for Frahnknshtyne but is something I thought I'd share with you as I go just for fun.

I have additional images for Frahnknshtyne but many of them are being held back now as the book gets closer to being completed. I'll still be posting some of those soon (but I gotta surprise you with story and art in the completed book).

Cheers, Kevin
Viper Wolf Skull soon to be Steampunked

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  1. inspiring as ever Kevin! Just screams story, Isle of Dr Morrowish, food of the God's-ish kinda story would be simply smashing!


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