Saturday, April 16, 2011

Steampunk Frahnknshtyne's hand

I have been busy structuring and writing the story but wanted to post a new image of one of the moments in the narrative.  The first thing our hero sees when he wakes up with his consciousness inside of his own clockwork creation.
I wanted the hand to be a mechanically sophisticated and beautiful object made of steel, brass, bronze and copper with tendons of leather. I also wanted the moment to have a strange church-like victorian operating theater quality to it (with the horror of the moment as well). I'm considering adding a piece of broken mirror or perhaps the locket with his love's image in it  being held between the thumb and fingers  so this may evolve over the next week. I've already reposted the hand itself with changes to the hand mechanism and finger joints.  I will be posting the "making of" video in the next few days so check back for it.
Steampunk Frahnknshtyne hand

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  1. Kevin, this is inspired! Lovely work and so plausible. Excellent balance between form, function, and artistry.


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