Saturday, July 2, 2016

First Ride of the Gyrostator

Hello Friends
Just completed the illustration of Vyctor's first explosive ride on the Gyrostator he invents. To keep things away from prying eyes, he's located this project in the long abandoned carriage house of the L'cole he is attending. Upon firing it up, its power was more than he anticipated and he bursts from the doors into the night roaring down into the sleeping town of Travaille.
First Ride of the Gyrostator painting
I also wanted to play a lot with glow, mist and wet brick and rock. Here's a closer shot of those elements.
Detail of mist and gyrostator

I had a lot of fun painting this on many levels. It involved some pre-modeling of some of the elements in 3D as a quick underlay guide and then lots and lots of layered painting into it. I've always been a huge fan of the work of john Atkinson Grimshaw and his ability to paint those haunted night skies and wanted to have that kind of atmosphere in this painting.
John Atkinson Grimshaw (inspiration)

Cheers, Kevin

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