Sunday, April 12, 2015

Completed Steampunk Juris Mortis pistol

The latest of the pistol designs for Vyctor's lab on has just been completed in the design phase. Moving on to the engineering phase from here but I wanted to share the fun with you before we go live with the beta.
The name of this pistol is:

 The Juris Mortis
A precision long-pistol for the discerning shootist

Ordinance: A range of cartridge ammunition from electro stun tips to tranquilizer capsules, curare pellets and even Egyptian mummified madness beetles.

Steampunk Juris Mortis Pistol at Vyctor's lab

As with all the steampunk pea shooters being designed for Vyctor's lab, each of the five sections of this pistol can be mixed and matched with any of the other parts from other pistols to make a completely unique design of your own. 

Steampunk Juris Mortis Pistol view of should stock

Steampunk Juris Mortis pistol view of barrel and cartridge
The bolt action actually allows you to advance the curved cartridge down and up.

Steampunk Juris Mortis pistol view of trigger and bolt action
And the ornate should stock pad is full adjustable and lockable for individual fit.

Steampunk Juris Mortis pistol view of stock adjustment feature