Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Dread Capitan! Steampunk pistol for the Discerning Scoundrel!

Hello All
The newest addition to the coming release of the Pistols from Vyctor's Lab is "The Dread Capitan!"
With its double barrels of muzzle loaded, fire breathing, punch, and it's extendable mini-saber blade, The Dread Capitan is the stylish weapon of choice for a scandalous night of glamorous ill-intent for any scoundrel or scalawag.
Steampunk pistol The Dread Capitan 1

The double trigger finger guard features some pointy bits for leaving a lasting impression in close quarters cudgel fun. An optional smooth guard will be offered soon as well.
Steampunk pistol The Dread Capitan 2

When boarding other airships, hijacking cargo, kidnapping a royal (who will clearly fall in love with your scoundrellous self) or suppressing a mutiny, blasting invariably turns to fencing. The Dread Capitan is ready for the switch without changing weapons with an extendable mini-saber!
Steampunk pistol The Dread Capitan 3

The oriental long-handle sports a protective pommel-basket for when the mini-balls have all been shot and you find yourself in a saber duel.
Steampunk pistol The Dread Capitan 4