Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Aether Bandit

After a very long absence from this site, I'm back! Took a long road down developing a business using 3D printing for creating collectible one of a kind collector pieces. Learned a lot but did not achieve take off speed. The technology just wasn't up to the challenge yet. Time to pivot.

My original concept for Vyctor's lab was to make the weapons modular and have the audience choose the parts and bits as well as the deco schemes.

Now I've moved to making bespoke designs of very low volume. The modular approach was exciting but also meant that there were certain accommodations and modularity that all parts of the designs had to conform too. Bespoke means being able to just pursue the design result as a singular expression.

I've taken a significant amount of time reworking three key designs for steampunk weaponry and will be sharing those with you over the next few months. Ultimately, I'll start with one of the three and go to a crowd funding system to get the prototype carefully made and the silicon production molds as well. Then I will go live with less than 50 of each weapon.

The first of these bespoke weapons is THE AETHER BANDIT. Stay tuned for more imagery, details and all the story that goes with it as it is part of the Frahnknshtyne universe and does indeed come from Vyctor's lab.

Cheers my friends and huzzah to the Society of the Gentlemen Scoundrels!

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