Monday, February 16, 2015

Refined Steampunk Raygun for Vyctor's lab

Hello All
The final ray-gun parts are now completed and on their way to the programmers for Vyctor's lab. We're also printing these parts since they are so detailed and intricate, they'll be such a showpiece for what the program and backend 3D printing system can do for delivering real quality. Can't wait to have those in hand to share with you.

You'll notice that the ray-gun combines the brass knuckle grip from an earlier post, with the gas cylinder main frame and other parts. That's the whole point of the maykrlab system. You can combine and recombine and re-imagine endlessly until you have just what you think is interesting.
We're working to have some very interesting options for choosing colors and finish on the parts as well such as gold, brass, copper, steel, gun-black steel and lots more.

Adding the final details to the barrel on the ray-gun was a lot of fun and an opportunity to really romance some of the mechanical and industrial visuals of the pistol.
For my approach to the aesthetic of steampunk, I like to have the shapes and parts all feel as if they've been designed and created exactly for the purpose they visually perform on the item. I don't just drop in standard bits or parts and I use gears sparingly unless the point is a clockwork visual. Even then, things should look as if they actually work in some fashion.
Hope you enjoy. Cheers, Kevin

Steampunk raygun from Vyctor's lab V1

Steampunk raygun from Vyctor's lab V2

Steampunk raygun from Vyctor's lab V3

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